Posted on January 03, 2012

The hottest thing happened to me today.... I was doing this interview at a restaurant for Sextra Magazine, and, while Im doing the interview, Peter North comes walking in to the restaurant. I hadn't seen him in like 3 years and he looks so fucking good. I got wet right away, I mean we even started fucking right in the restaurant LOL. Peter took off my shirt and starting rubbing my nipples and I got so turned on! Next thing I know I'm down on my knees blowing porn legend Peter North right out in public while the interviewer and all the people having lunch are watching us! It was a total thrill to be out getting my mouth used in such a public place. I could feel all their eyes on me but then we got interrupted and almost had to stop because the old guy who owned the place wanted us to pack up and leave! The customers started screaming for us to stay and Peter went right back to licking my pussy as soon as the guy walked away. We ended up fucking right on the table in the middle of the crowd, but then the restaurant owner comes back and makes us leave in the middle! Then Peter shows me his brand new Ferrari in the parking lot while we are getting dressed and he winks at me, telling me we can be back to my place in like 5 minutes! He floors it - what a beautiful sexy Italian car! We picked up where we left off back at my place. The coolest thing is that the guy from Sextra and his crew followed along to get the whole thing on tape for my fans! I'm not gonna tell you all the rest that happens, you'll have to watch for yourself, but like my man Charlie would say... this scene is totally fucking #Winning!

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